The History Behind Mothers Day

Have you ever wondered why the fourth Sunday in Lent is celebrated as Mothering Sunday? If so, you’ll need to look back in time to when larger houses and farms had servants. Even in farmhouses there were sometimes up to 12 people “living in” and working away from home.  Many people worked “in service” away from their own families.

Every year on the fourth Sunday of Lent those in service (many of them were children) were allowed to go home for the day and celebrate a break in lent. They were able to feast and celebrate with a special service at their “Mother” or home Church. A gift of flowers came about as often on the walk home the servants would a pick a posy of flowers for their Mothers from the hedgerows.

This tradition of saying thank you to Mothers has continued and whether we say thank you with flowers, chocolates or a gift from Franchetti Bond all Mothers will appreciate hearing from loved ones this Mothers Day.

Sunday 22nd March 2020.  

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