Quick Fix for the New Season – Scarves!


Scarves- fashion girls can’t get enough of them. In fact, most women can’t get enough of them! A great quick fix for the new season a scarf is the ultimate in fashion versatility.

The reason why we’ve probably got more scarves than anything else in our wardrobe is that their uses knows no bounds. A great way to create a new look or update your wardrobe is the addition of a fabulous new scarf or wrap.

When we begin to feel a nip in the air, there are 101 things you can do with these simple foulards. They are by far and away one of the safest buys we can make every season and every shopping trip and make trans-seasonal dressing easy! Transitional dressing is a lot more straightforward than the magazines make out. What you need is simple layers in neutral colours and a great  new scarf adds a splash of colour or becomes a stylish focal point.

Scarves can be worn in so many different ways and they don’t always need to be worn in the traditional sense!

Check out this link for stylish and different ways to wrap up: http://www.thefashionspot.com/style-trends/171363-15-chic-and-creative-ways-to-tie-scarves/#/slide/1

Neutrals or brights, silk, cashmere or fur trimmed a Franchetti Bond scarf can easily transform your favourite winter jacket or coat.

 Take a tip from one of our fashion shoots where we styled our multi-coloured scarf as a belt on our South American model Lucia or casually tie a chic scarf to your handbag for a stylish addition.

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