Learning to layer

mocha-sleeveless-capeIt might not quite be winter yet, but the chill is in the air and we can all feel the bite of winter in the morning. But this time of year provides an interesting challenge, because often by around midday the worst of the chill has gone and the weather is pleasant, if a little mild. So how do we dress to make sure we don’t freeze in the morning or melt in the afternoon sun? The answer is simple – live in layers! Layering is a fantastic way to dress for all weathers while still looking stylish, making it perfect for those slightly unpredictable months.

     This Seasons Must Have Layering Pieces


For The Top

When it comes to the layering look, there are a few wardrobe staples you just can’t be without. The most basic of layering items is a button down shirt, because these can be worn with almost anything. On their own, under a jumper or vest, over a dress (open or tied at the waist for a more casual look), or open over a t-shirt or turtleneck. Get yourself a few with different patterns and you can create any look you put your mind to.

A cashmere jumper is another great piece, as they aren’t too thick, making them ideal to wear on their own or on top of a long sleeved Oxford shirt. A good cashmere jumper also goes with everything, from skirts to printed trousers, shorts and jeans.  A fitted black turtleneck can also be an amazing multi-purpose item – try it stacked with a waistcoat or cardigan, under a dress or on its own tucked into jeans or a maxi skirt for a perfect formal look.

For The Bottomblanca-black

Most of the time when we talk about layering, we talk about tops and how to combine different styles in the best way. But you can also create a warm layered look for your legs as well. Keep the feeling of sunnier months alive with your favourite flared skirt worn with some thick patterned tights or leggings. You can even add long socks or peep ankle socks to add an extra layer of warmth and style. Wear plain black tights under a pair of fashionably ripped jeans for a warmer option, or match a pair of skinny jeans with a nice pair of long boots.

To finish off a layered look, the ideal cold-weather footwear can be found in the perfect pair of knee high boots. Flat versions are perfect for long days on your feet, while stacked-heel versions can add some sparkle to any outfit. A strong statement piece of outwear is also essential – it’s the first thing people see after all! You could opt for a  gilet, cardigan or cape to stand out against all of the black coats coming out at this time of year.

Our Layering Tips

Fur pompom-scarf


If you’re not sure where to start with your layered look, we have a few tips for you. Start with a basic, lightweight top in natural colours as your base, then add on a layer of cardigan, vest or jumper. If you’re into colour this is a great opportunity to mix in a bold shade or pattern. Top this with a jacket or coat (again, block plain colours might work better than patterns here). Add your favourite scarf for the icing on the cake and sprinkle your accessories.


We also suggest:

  •  Keeping your under-layers more fitted to keep your shape and avoid bulkiness.
  •  Don’t be afraid to play with texture. Incorporating a mix of textures when layering gives your outfit some dimension and depth.
  • If you’re concerned about your waistline, try to make your top layer something belted to draw the shape back in.
  • Avoid using the same fabrics in each layer – switch it up to avoid looking dowdy or the layers bleeding together

This time of year opens up so many doors for you in terms of outfit combinations and styles, you could find yourself wearing your entire wardrobe in these few short months! Layering is a great way to keep yourself warm and give you the option to remove layers and cool down if you need to, as well as looking fantastic. For more style tips or layering inspiration, just take a look at our shoe, bag, boot, clothing and accessories collections.


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